Tuesday, 4 August 2015


A little bit about my WoW history.

My main is my first character, a tauren shaman named Crooked. I started off on Barthilas, in a guild with a bunch of players from my previous addiction, Wolfenstein/Enemy Territory.

I was a reluctant WoW player at first, having seen friends 'disappear' into it, but eventually succumbed towards the end of vanilla. I first started raiding as resto in Karazhan, and continued with Ostralyan Pain (OP) throughout the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. I levelled to 80 as enhancement with the intention to raid, but changed to elemental as the raid team already had 2 enhance. And I've been ele main spec since.

Making a good early case for transmog

I enjoyed my time with OP, raiding in both a 25 man group and a 10 man group. But when the cataclysm came and made both raid sizes the same lockout, the guild was divided, and many left to form a 10 man guild. The remaining old guard lost interest, and OP bled to death*. At this point I quit the game, returning in 5.4 to check out a discounted Mists of Pandaria. It was then that mozzey, an old guildmate, suggested I transfer to Saurfang and join him, and that's how I ended up in Frostwolves.

(*OP was deserted, but has since been resurrected with new blood for WoD by a couple of returning players).

I enjoy most aspects of the game barring arenas and "world pvp" - having experienced both PVP and PVE, I now much prefer PVE servers.

I am a moderate achievement hunter and completionist. I persist with things I mightn't otherwise if there is an achievement at the end of it, but I have little desire to grind things out for the sake of it. As an example, I love trying to collect pets, but I only level what I need to defeat opponents and get achievements.

I have a passive interest in the 'state of shaman' and shaman theorycraft as a result of playing and raiding on my shaman for a long time.

I have a number of alts including at level 100 a death knight, hunter, druid and paladin on horde, and recently I reached max level for the first time on an alliance rogue. I have a few more that are parked that I am considering levelling up once flying is available in Draenor.

You can view my armory here.

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