Thursday, 13 August 2015

Normal HFC cleared

With the portal to bypass Gorefiend now open to us, there was the possibility of reaching Archimonde on our Sunday normal run. Tyrant only took 1 go, and Mannoroth 2, so we got some time to learn it. It was pretty much straight to phase 3 from the get go, but from there it was untidy. The officers determined we would do better to continue on him the next night with our heroic raid team, rather than trying heroic Xhul'horac. Finally, a chance to spend my EP and get a class trinket, jahaha!

I feel like I've been slipping on performance a bit, relatively, so there were 3 upgrades I was banking on; weapon, tier shoulders (to make 4-set), and the aforementioned class trinket.

For the weapon, I'd been waiting on Fallen Warlord's Mindcarver from Heroic Kilrogg, leaving Kormrok's dagger and Gorefiend's staff (both mastery items) to others - but it hasn't been dropping. I was considering the crafted weapon but went with bracers instead, as I already had a pair with the right stats that became BiS when fully upgraded. It has now reached 'take whatever you can get' stage.

For the tier, I was after the shoulders as I'd already picked up a Jungle Flayer's Chestguard (socketed) for off piece. We went to Xhul'horac first and two protector tokens dropped, but I was outrolled by 2 hunters. Later on, after they picked up 4-set off Socrethar, I was outrolled again on the Mannoroth chest but passed on it for me - not ideal but 4-set nonetheless, I couldn't refuse the gesture. The other chest piece remains in my bags for now.

And so Archimonde... still a chance to pick up a much needed trinket or weapon. We managed to kill him on the last pull of the night, with only a couple of people left standing. We weren't aware that if 3 people don't soak the Nether Banish, Archimonde heals for 5%. Someone made the call for a tank to eat it solo, and it very nearly could have been a sub 1% wipe as a result.

Alas, a trinket was not to be. The raid had favoured personal loot instead of EPGP for that kill, and predictably the rolls did not go my way. Hopefully this week.


  1. Xhul'horac drops an amazing staff (haste/multi) which I have been wasting a Seal chasing each week. It looks good too :-)

    I'm having similar trinket issues, still using two from BRF (not even the Blackhand one) and thrown 6 seals at the Iskar one now with no joy. The other Ele Shaman in our raid already has the trinket and it does 25% of his damage on Iskar, crazy!

    Gratz on Archimonde!

    1. Cheers.

      I hadn't considered the staff from heroic Xhul as we have not killed him yet, but that's our progression fight so it's a possibility. I had already been coining him on normal to try and get tier shoulders.

      No weapon from Kilrogg again :( Staff dropped from Gorefiend but warlock with higher EP wanted it (but again, heavy mastery). Settling on the idea of investing in the crafted weapon (705), forgetting Kilrogg (710) and aiming for Fel lord or Xhul (715)