Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Draenor Curator

Finally finished up archaeology in Draenor today, getting the last Pristine artifact. Such a relief, and not quite as arduous as I was dreading - but still a big commitment. A newish player in our guild asked what the reward was, to which we answered nothing but achievement points. They then asked what do achievement points get you - an innocent question, but one which puts the whole task in perspective :p

At first I was spending my solved crates on Explorer's Notebooks for the missions, even after completing Arakkoa, but once I had also completed Ogre I switched to using Draenor Archaeologist's Maps and ignored any dig sites that weren't Draenor Clans, using the Archy addon. I saved the remaining crates for the Pandaria artifacts I still haven't completed.

Total number of solves required were as follows:
  • Arakkoa 82 (126 all up by the time I switched to Draenor Clans only)
  • Ogre 217
  • Draenor Clans 333
  • Total 632 (676 including surplus Arakkoa)
The macro to count the number of solves for you is here, you must have the completed artifacts pane open, and if you wish to see all races, not just Draenor, change the 13 to a 1:

/run for r=13,15 do local c,t=GetNumArtifactsByRace(r),0 for i=1,c do local _,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,n=GetArtifactInfoByRace(r,i) if n>0 then t=t+n end end print(GetArchaeologyRaceInfo(r)..": "..t) end

Whilst grinding this out, I was looking for an image that showed the location of all the digsites in Draenor and wasn't able to find one, so I started taking screenshots and sliced them together. This may not be absolute, but it contains all the sites I got for the last ~250 solves.

Location of most/all Draenor archaeology dig sites.
Last week I also finally got round to finding a decent image for a background to brighten up the blog look a bit. The image credit may not show depending on screen resolution, in which case it is by Tontokawa.


  1. What happens when you complete everything? I only need the doomsday prophecy and i'm done, do you get a letter in the mail? I got mail after fully completing brawlers guild. Or was this all a waste of time? lol

    1. Hey, the Pandaria equivalent had a title 'Seeker of Knowledge' but unfortunately the Draenor Curator achievement has nothing. Except the relief that you don't need to dig any more.