Monday, 25 January 2016

WoD pet levelling circuit

This is the circuit I take when levelling pets on the Draenor and Pandaria trainers. It is intended to take a maximum of 1 hour, to match the length of the pet food buffs, and because 1 hour is a nice, fixed time commitment. It is possible even with mistakes or lucky crits requiring restarts, to complete the circuit within an hour. It doesn't include the western Pandaria trainers (Burning, Flowing, Zusshi and Shu), which I have found to either be less reliable or take longer, but of course you can go on to them if you wish.

That makes 13 trainers per day. On a normal week, this will raise a level 1 pet to 14, and a level 14 pet to 20. On a bonus week, this will raise a level 1 pet to 19, and anything 14 and above to 25. So, it is possible to level a pet in 2 dailies, 1 to 14 at any time, and 14 to 25 in a bonus week. I have done this at times, but generally your pet levels are all over the place, so I just get them close to 25 (say 21 and above) and finish them off with battle stones. Some prerequisites:

  • Safari Hat and 1 of each pet food - you easily get enough Pet Charms to buy them every day.
  • Hearth set to Shrine in Pandaria.
  • Admiral's Compass (could also use Vivianne follower).
  • Spirit Lodge with portals to SMV and Spires.
  • Rematch addon with teams saved.

Starting off at the Horde garrison (sorry Alliance, but easily adapted):

  • Fly to Gargra (use pet food buffs here prior to battle).
  • Fly on to Cymre.
  • Garrison hearth.
  • Portal to SMV, do Ashlei and portal back.
  • Portal to spires, fly to Vesharr.
  • Fly to Taralune.
  • Admiral's Compass to Shipyard, Fly to Tarr.
  • Hearth.

This can be done in 20 minutes so if you are short on time you can stop here.

Then just fly around the Pandaria trainers as indicated by the red arrow. If you have the Path of the Jade Serpent CM portal, you could start there instead and follow the blue arrow, avoiding the longest flight segment.

There are plenty of guides as to how to level off these trainers so I haven't gone into that detail here but feel free to ask, or offer improvements below.

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